Professional bettor Rob Veno continues our 2019-20 college football preview series by breaking down each of the ACC Atlantic Division teams with host Drew Martin. The guys go over each squad’s schedule, returning players and coaching changes.

Start-9:00 Clemson
9:00-14:30 Syracuse
14:30-24:00 FSU
24:00-32:00 NC State
32:00-37:00 Wake Forrest
37:00-43:00 Boston College
43:00-End Louisville

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Drew Martin

With a athletic and financial background, Drew Martin and sports betting were the perfect marriage. After being a standout two-sport athlete in high school, Martin hung up the cleats and decided to focus his attention on a college education. His school of choice was Auburn and he quickly earned a degree is Business Finance and parlayed that into a full-time gig at JP Morgan. During his tenure at the investment banking behemouth, Martin spent his nights handicapping and betting on sports and after steadily building his bankroll, felt it was time to move on the next chapter of his life, full-time sports bettor and handicapper. In 2014, Martin joined the Sportsmemo team as the Customer Service Director and a handicapper. His financial background, love of numbers, and firm grasp of what it takes to be a successful sports bettor puts him in a great position for future success. "My focus to sports betting has always been to find a balance between being proactive maintaining a simple fundamental approach. The understanding of teams in paramount but more important is having the ability to spot their even-changing value before the betting markets catch on. Every sport, every season, there are plenty of teams that under- and overachieve based on market expecations. Spot a few of them and couple that with a solid, every day handicapping approach, and all of a sudden you're sitting on some real profits."

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