I am willing to lay the -5 number here with a Utah Jazz squad that has successfully navigated recent 4 game stretch without their top three point guards.

Event: (525) Portland Trail Blazers at (526) Utah Jazz
Date/Time: January 21, 2019 9PM EST
Play: Utah Jazz -5.0 (-110)

With starting PG Ricky Rubio going through a full practice yesterday, the questionable tag has been applied to him for tonight’s contest. His return if it happens would be a boost no matter how minutes he’s allowed to play but right now the Jazz are making the position work with the three man committee of star SG Donovan Mitchell, Point Forward Joe Ingles and 6’6″ reserve guard Royce O’Neal. O’Neal has brought a rebounding force to the backcourt grabbing 31 in the last four games while Ingles has admirably directed the offense with 24 assists and just 7 turnovers (3.4:1 ratio). Those two stellar efforts have allowed Mitchell to focus on his primary role of team’s leading scorer averaging 28.4 per game during this stretch. With things humming along, have to figure this particular matchup has the abiltity to reamin as lopsided as it’s been so far this season with Utah recording 30 & 21 point victories. Blazers offense has been destroying foes as of late but the numbers become a bit skewed when you look at their list of opponents over the six game hot streak. Defensive weaklings New Orleans, Cleveland, Sacramento, Charlotte and Chicago aren’t anywhere near the class of Utah which has held Portland to 90 & 96 points in thier two meetings. Utah’s cohesiveness, their matchup dominance, Portland’s somewhat slanted recent offensive numbers and the possibility of Rubio contributing some minutes here all lead toward a play on Utah tonight.

Recommendation: Utah -5


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