College Basketball Line Report

In October the Harvard Crimson were the consensus pick to win the Ivy League crown by the conference’s Men’s Basketball Preseason Media Poll. Harvard got the nod over co-champion Penn, which earned a share of last season’s title, and the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.  Penn defeated Harvard in the title game of the 2018 Ivy League Basketball Tournament, 68-65.  College Basketball Line Report: Tigers -3 over Crimson.

In addition Yale was voted in to finish in a predicted third spot followed by Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Columbia and Dartmouth.

Also the league was expected to be more nationally recognized as a solid conference overall this year compared to last season. The aforementioned consideration was due to  the overall league returning 12 of its top-15 scorers from a season ago.  Most noteworthy is that the entire 2018 All-Ivy first team being back. In addition six out of the seven members of the second team  from a year ago are active this season.

The current standings heading into the final month of the regular season find that the Media Poll was spot on. Yale, Princeton and Harvard were expected to battle for the top slot in the Ivy Standings and the current standings reflect that.  And this week’s schedule find those three squads sitting in the catbird conference seats. As well the addition of Cornell with the Tigers and Crimson with a 4-2 league mark.


Team / Conference Record

  1. Yale /  5-1
  2. Princeton / 4-2
  3. Harvard / 4-2
  4. Cornell / 4-2
  5. Brown / 2-4
  6. Penn / 2-4
  7. Dartmouth / 2-4
  8. Columbia / 1-5 


Finally the Friday night Ivy League slate of events find the top four squads in the current standings squaring off in games deserving of Friday Night Light Hoop status. Princeton is a field goal favorite over Harvard, Yale giving a touchdown to the Lions in Columbia and Cornell in a near pick’em hosting Brown.




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College Basketball Line Report: Tigers -3 over Crimson

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