The Sweet Sixteen matchup between Tennessee and Purdue will be hard fought. Tennessee has had some good matchups in the SEC regular season playing Kentucky, LSU and Auburn, all teams that are moving on in the tournament. Tennessee let a big lead slide on Sunday against Iowa and the game ended up going into overtime where Tennessee pulled it out 83-77.

Event: (651) Purdue vs. (652) Tennessee
Sport/League: CBB
Date/Time: March 28, 2019 3PM EDT
Play: Tennessee -1.0 (-111)

I believe Tennessee’s upper eschelon of the their conference is stronger than the Big Ten. Tennessee’s only losses in conference play were to Kentucky on the road 86-69, LSU on the road 82-80 and Auburn twice, once away 84-80 and on a neutral court 84-64. The three teams that Tennessee lost to will all be in the Sweet Sixteen as well. Purdue on the other hand comes out of the Big Ten where they have had some success but they have also lost conference games to a couple lower tier teams including Minnesota twice and Maryland. Purdue’s competition in my eyes has been weaker and does not match up to the competition in the SEC conference. Tennessee was ranked virtually number one all year in the SEC. They have the number 3 offense and number 33 defense in the country after facing off against some of the best competition in the country. Before the tournament started my power ratings had Tennessee laying 3.5 on a neutral court. This game has opened up Tennessee -1 so the obvious play is on Tennessee.


Sweet Sixteen Top Side
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