NFL Opening Line Report for Week #7 from Vegas with Teddy Covers

NFL Opening Line Report for Week #7 with Teddy Covers and Kelly Stewart as they go over the opening NFL odds for the week and Teddy shares his opinions on the numbers for this week out of Vegas.

Fresh off a perfect 7-0 weekend sweep, Teddy is hitting 76{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} in the NFL and 65{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} in college football since Week 1 this season; 86{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} in football action here in October! He’s 14-2 (88{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0}) with his NFL side reports! He’s 6-0 (100{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0}) w’ his NFL 5{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} Big Tickets, part of his 73{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} Run w’ 5{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} selections since August 1st!

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NFL Week 7:

Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals
Tennessee Titans at Los Angeles Chargers
Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts
Cleveland Browns at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs
Detroit Lions at Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings at New York Jets
New England Patriots at Chicago Bears
Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens
Dallas Cowboys at Washington
Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers
New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons

(updated NFL Odds from Vegas)

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Teddy Covers

After graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Ted Sevransky, better known as Teddy Covers, burst onto the Las Vegas handicapping scene with a top 10 finish in the 1999 Hilton SuperContest. He’s been betting as a successful professional in Las Vegas ever since.Some handicappers need a detailed biography. Teddy doesn’t – a quick Google search shows how big of an impact he’s had on the sports betting world over the past two decades including 2015's remarkable 99-58 63{84ccd47921e566787b7405b472ea36582b7bea78c60faedb5d55493d43c879f0} +47.1 unit college and NFL season. And a brief look at the recap section at Sportsmemo will give you a clear idea about the type of detailed, in-depth analysis Teddy provides to his clients with each and every play that he releases.Check out some of the notority Teddy Covers has earned...Featured in the Super Bowl sports betting documentary Life on the Line.Teddy in the New York Times here, here, here and here.Teddy’s college basketball analysis on NFL on Vice Sports, Bloomberg TV, The Washington Post and PBS.Discussing March Madness on CBS.Breaking down the NBA for Cigar Aficionado.The list goes on and on. Teddy gets the national publicity because he’s earned it by delivering a career filled with very satisfied clients. Sign up for a weekly, monthly or seasonal package RIGHT NOW and let Teddy put his expertise to work for you!

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