Ticket and Money Count from Vegas for Monday Night Football (Redskins vs Saints)


Two of the Week 5 entries in the William Hill Nevada Pro Football Progressive Parlay Card survived Sunday with a 14-0 record.  A New Orleans Saints win over the Washington Redskins tonight would make these two entries a perfect 15 for 15 and split the $53,690 progressive jackpot ($26,845 each).

The Pro Football Progressive Contest Card requires players to successfully pick all 15 Pro Football propositions correctly – 15 for 15 wins the pool. It is just $5 per entry to play and is available at William Hill’s 108 Nevada Sports Books and on the Nevada Mobile Sports app.

If the Washington Redskins defeat the New Orleans Saints tonight, next week’s jackpot will be $69,190.


Below are three charts showing the odds and trends for tonight’s Monday Night Football game between Washington Redskins and the New Orleans Saints at our 100+ William Hill Sports Books across America (Nevada & New Jersey).

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