Very surprised to see Columbus favored by a half a goal here over the LA Galaxy. I was expecting a pick’em line or maybe the typical -0.25 line for home field, but not this number. Columbus has now lost five straight games after starting the year strong with just one loss in their first six games. They have scored just two goals in those five losses and while they were never an offensive team, their defense has left them and that was the key to them winning games. They have now conceded 10 goals over those five losses. It has been a tough run with games against Houston and Portland plus two games against DC, but LA is just as tough and playing very well at the moment.

Event: LA Galaxy at Columbus
Sport/League: SOC
Date/Time: May 8, 2019 7PM EDT
Play: LA Galaxy +0.5 (-105)

While LA did lose this weekend at NY Red Bulls, that was their first loss in their last eight games and only their second loss of the season. Their much improved defense this year has really been the difference maker although they did allow three goals to New York. The offense continues to do their thing behind the playmaking of Zlatan of course, so they look like a tough team to beat this year if they can keep playing well defensively. The only worry here is they are traveling on short rest coming from NY for a short road trip, but otherwise I think the play here has to be on LA. Columbus just does not look good right now.



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